Activism Works

It’s a new era for many of us. It’s a new time for activism.

Recently, for example, a Congressman introduced two bills (HR 621 and 622) that would sell/transfer 3.3 million acres of Federal land. The land would be put up to the highest bidder.

There was a grassroots campaign to call Congress to push against those measures. Hunters and anglers from the entire political spectrum called their reps.

It worked! That Congressman withdrew the bill.

I decided to call Joe Kennedy III’s local office. As luck would have it, the person who answered the phone was a fisherman. They had not heard about the bills. This person heard me out, logged my comments into their system, which alerted Kennedy. He also offered a meeting, which I gladly decided to take.

Until recently, I’ve been politically inactive. But, with so much happening regarding the environment, I no longer am sitting on the sidelines.

I’m keeping my meeting with Kennedy and hope to articulate why public land is important. It preserves the environment, yes, but, more important, it provides access. In Europe, for example, many fishable waters are private; you have to pay money to fish them.

Land of the free, home of the brave. And, natural resources for all to enjoy.

So, whatever your cause is, know that speaking out helps. Don’t Tweet, email, or call the D.C. office, as I wrote previously. But, call your rep’s local office.

Speak up, early and often.

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