Angel Investment: Embrace.AI

We’re happy to announce that our family angel program (back 80+ entrepreneurs over eight years and donate all gains to charity; details here) has invested in Embrace.AI. It’s our 29th investment (portfolio here), and we’re really excited to be part of what Derek Butts and Seth Halpern are doing.


Derek and Seth were early employees at Workday (Nasdaq: WDAY). I love that their new company offers a clear, immediate ROI and that the duo have been both professional colleagues and personal friends for a long time. You can read more about them on their web site here.

Derek and I go way back. We were part of a “dream team” at Bain & Co., an experience that I will never forget. We were able to do some amazing work while at the same time enjoying a good laugh or two every time our team met. Sadly, our team was broken up when the project ended, and it’s one reason why I left Bain & Co. I couldn’t imagine working with a better set of colleagues.

Thank you, Derek and Seth, for letting us invest!

4 thoughts on “Angel Investment: Embrace.AI

  1. Good to read, Jo.

    I am starting an AI company, as a next gen solution, with 9 MLM’s driving it.

    I’d like to hire you for some help.

    Have time?

  2. Got a valuable briefing from Seth Halpern in Austin today on the AI offering. Nice overview of the sub-categories in AI and of Embrace’s focus. The venture’s differentiation seems in tune with corporate needs to mine existing internal data assets and staff experience.

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