Angel Investment: Jamber

“Wow, we have to invest,” I said, at the end of the meeting.

“Absolutely!” Mrs. T. exclaimed.

We had just met with Allen and Diana Arseneau and knew very quickly we wanted to invest. I’ve met a lot of founders, but this team’s passion, attention to detail and expertise really stood out.

So, we’re happy to announce that our family angel program (details here) has invested in Jamber.

Their mission is to improve people’s lives through science-based design. They make every-day products to help those who face physical limitations (arthritis, carpal tunnel, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, etc.). Their initial product is a coffee mug.

That may sound pedestrian, but it took 2.5 years of design time and a full year of user testing to get to a product that is 10x easier to hold.

Their diligence has paid off. In just eight months, they have helped 25,000 people, experienced 200+ days of consecutive online sales, received over 400 glowing reviews (of which 96% are five stars) and built a full pipeline of products. They also are about to sign a major distribution deal.

It’s a small world. I found out the day before the meeting that Mrs. T. had already seen the mug; one of her relatives received one as a Christmas gift, and Mrs. T. helped that person open the box.

I think what most impressed me was the team’s grit. The founders have not paid themselves in two years, which isn’t easy when you’re raising two young children. Allen also has heroically overcome a very challenging childhood.

Both Allen and Diana are extremely mission-driven, and that really resonated with us. There actually were a few tears shed as we swapped life stories and talked about their aspirations.

I’ve found that people with shared values eventually find each other. This is a great team. I’m convinced they will keep doing great things.

Thank you, Allen and Diana, for letting us invest! 

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