Angel Investment: Mogul

Our family angel program (details here) just invested in Mogul, and we are very pumped.

We recently connected with founder Tiffany Pham and heard about her life story. From Vietnam to Paris to Plano, Texas, Tiffany has experienced and overcome a great deal. In addition, we really liked her sincerity and clear leadership skills that empower her to harness many people and resources for her company.

Mogul is a leading online platform for women. Mogul now reaches 28MM female millennials per week across 196 countries and 34,470 cities. In terms of engagement, their stats are ridiculously amazing. The company is run very lean, but is growing quickly and could be profitable already this year.

We love Tiffany’s sense of mission, how she clearly articulates how she wants to “do well, do good.” We love how she is a role model for our daughters.

Thank you, Tiffany, for letting us invest! Thank you, David Chang, for the intro!

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