Angel Investment: Nurse 1-1

We’re happy to announce that our family angel program (back 70+ entrepreneurs and donate all gains to charity; details here) has invested in Nurse 1-1. It is our 13th investment so far (portfolio here).

Nurse 1-1

I’ve known for many years founder Michael Sheeley. He co-founded RunKeeper (sold to ASICS) and knows B2C business models extremely well.

Many people don’t know this, but Michael has had to overcome many obstacles as he paid his own way towards earning three degrees. He is a great example of perseverance.

We also love his idea. Nurse 1-1 lets you chat privately with a nurse for immediate health information and answers on 24/7 basis. For example, your baby has a skin rash? Send a photo and get a sense if it is serious or not.

We would have loved such a product back when our children were young!

Thank you, Michael, for letting us invest!  We really believe in you!

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