Angel Investment: tEQuitable

I’ve worked at a few places and in many different environments. As a former management consultant, I was sent to a variety of locations, both domestic and abroad.

On occasion, I heard things that just made me scratch my head, outright cringe or feel pretty sad. Some were comments or jokes about females, others were about certain races. I actually left one job because of company culture. I had enough.

Reporting something to HR always seemed like a nuclear option, something that you do as a last resort. I always wished that there was a way to get guidance on tricky situations.

So, when long-time friend Theresia Gouw told me about tEQuitable, I was all in, and I’m excited to announce a family angel investment in the company.

Based in Oakland, CA, and a graduate of Y Combinator, it is a company that feels like the right solution at the right time. Moreover, from the first moment Mrs. T. and I connected with co-founder Lisa Gelobter, we witnessed incredible vision, drive and thoughtfulness.

Lisa and co-founder Heidi Williams have created a company with the following mission: Be an independent, confidential platform to address issues of bias, discrimination and harassment in the workplace.

They do so by offering a confidential digital platform to employees, aggregating data for employers, and enabling companies to build positive cultures, retain employees and avoid expensive lawsuits.

To learn more about the company, they have a very clear website, a Washington Post article is here, and there’s a cool video below.

Thank you Lisa and Heidi for letting us invest! Thank you Theresia for the introduction!

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