Angel Investment: Tettra

Our family’s desire to leverage capitalism for altruism continues (details here) . Our family angel program has invested in Tettra. It is our seventh investment since we launched the program in May.

We connected with Andy Cook and knew quite a few people in common, folks whom we already know and trust.  Mrs. T. and I were very impressed with his approach to analytics and were excited to invest.

Tettra has a new knowledge sharing platform that targets high-performance and growing teams. It integrates easily with other products, making for a scalable internal Wiki on steroids. Over 20,000 people already use the product. Check it out.

Thank you, Andy, for letting us invest! Thank you, David Chang, for the intro!

2 thoughts on “Angel Investment: Tettra

  1. Jo- A number of these angel investments (WEVO, Tettra) seem like the kind of companies that Kepha would invest in. I know you have stated that you don’t intend to cross invest. I’m curious…

    1. Yes, that’s the case. I’ve been very clear about all that here, and I’ll cut and paste the relevant excerpt for your convenience:

      Avoiding conflicts: There won’t be overlap with the Kepha funds. To make sure, Eric must OK every investment
      Signaling risk: There won’t be. Kepha will not co-invest in, or follow, any of the angel investments

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