ArtLifting: ‘Buy Art, Change a Life’


I’m really grateful to Jacqueline de la Rosa, who mentioned It’s a website that features art from disabled and/or homeless artists.

TechCrunch had a really good article on the site (here). I really like how the company is striving for “profit with a purpose.” I particularly like how making art, and then selling it, gives homeless people dignity and empowerment. How it has allowed some to stay sober and/or give them the means with which to live a more independent life.

I thinking “making” something is very fulfilling. As for me, I write, cook, and make fly fishing flies. It is gratifying to create a personalized story from observations, cook without a recipe, and experiment with various colors and materials to invent flies that catch trout. I don’t really draw or paint, but, in my own way, I can relate to the power of creating.

So, I just purchased an original art piece from Allen Chamberland, who does beautiful and intricate papercut pieces. It’s an image of the Charlestown Bridge (see up top).

He takes out a sheet of black paper and gradually cuts out an image. If he goofs it up, he starts all over. Mrs. T., an artist, selected the piece. I’m really excited.

Support an artist and buy something for the holidays from Use the code “Frank” to get free shipping. As the company says: “buy art, change a life.”

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