Simplicity and Spontaneity

I’ve been working on simplifying my life. And, I’ve found that it makes me feel more free.

One example is that I’ve thought hard about my most valuable material possessions. It’s a pretty short list (more here).

Other examples: I’ve reduced my number of Facebook “friends,” I no longer check LinkedIn, and I’m much more mindful about which events I attend, for you every night can go out as a VC to a great array of meet-ups and cocktail parties.

I’m also investing in a small number of friendships. I have found that I have many acquaintances, and they’re quite meaningful interactions, but I confide in fewer, and more intensely, in a few relationships.

One area of effort has been “Date Night” with Mrs. T. We used to go out to very “nice” meals or early-morning breakfasts. They were regularly scheduled. Now, we’re a bit informal about it.

So, tonight, we suddenly found ourselves with a few hours of time, as one child is sick and no longer has to go to the school Christmas event. So, she and I went out for “Date Drinks” and picked up take-out for dinner on the way.

Casual and easy. Draft beer at a local pub and picking up BBQ next door. How ideal is that?

We talked about how quickly our children are growing, and how soon some of our children will be away for college. We talked about using AirBNB to visit some foreign countries and how she wanted to spend more time on her art. It was fun.

I think some of the best events are spontaneous. It’s a bit of a new gig for a recovering ENTJ like myself.

So, simplicity and spontaneity are two themes in my life these days.

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