Ash Wednesday

Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday, the beginning of Lent. I will be giving up again alcohol, abstaining from meat on Fridays, and most important, trying to self-reflect more.

Also, I’m really excited about Pope Francis’ emphasis on humility, service and social justice–and, want to focus on these themes as I ponder next steps on fighting sex trafficking (more here).

It is hard to explain, but Lent means a great deal to me. Nearly all major developments in my adult life have come during Lent. Examples include: ending a serious relationship, undertaking three career moves, starting Kepha, forgoing ministry work to go to b-school, and starting to date the person who is now my spouse.

For some reason, many faiths incorporate fasting. Muslims fast during Ramadan, my Jewish friends have Yom Kippur, and some Buddhists permanently avoid meat. And, many Christians have Lent.

For me, the fasting creates more clarity in my life. Somehow, life feels less cluttered, and at the same time, more meaningful. My senses are sharpened.

I’m looking forward to Lent.

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