Braised Short Ribs

We have a winter storm coming. Schools are being dismissed early, and my Board meeting today will be a call.

If you’re contemplating cooking dinner, might I suggest braised short ribs?

Last Sunday, I was early at the grocery store and saw that they had both boneless and with-the-bone beef short ribs. Together, they make for a fantastic combination. The boneless cuts are leaner, and a few pieces of bone really add a lot of flavor and umami to a dish. So, I bought both.

The recipe is pretty straightforward, and I use this one. My only tweaks are that I add a few dashes of freshly-grated nutmeg and use a Red Burgundy wine. Fresh thyme makes a difference, too

Other than that, it is about technique, as the recipe accounts. You want to sear the beef until the pieces are very brown. You then sauté the vegetables until they also are dark brown, and do the same with the tomato paste.

The deep flavor in this dish comes from the Maillard Reaction, when items are cooked until brown, releasing a lot of complex flavors and tones.

Then, you add the wine and scrape clean the bottom of the pan and release all of that flavor. The ensuing sauce is dark and rich.  Braised in the oven for three hours, you then will have a dish that is truly one of my winter favorites. I’m sure a slow cooker would work just as well.

Thankfully, we still have leftovers from Sunday night. The dish actually is better when it has been in the refrigerator for a day or two.

We happily will tuck into this dish tonight and watch the snow fall. Stay safe and warm this evening, my friends.

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