Bridges 2021

Just after booking my first vaccine shot, I felt compelled to do the next best thing: plan a fly-fishing trip! In fact, I planned two, a solo trip in the Berkshires and a long weekend in Maine with my fly-fishing-blog posse.

I’ve taken a few days from work this week to fish. Uncharacteristically for me, I also booked time with some guides (I’m a DIY-type of angler, normally). One of my good friends, Jamie Carr, joined me for one of the outings and for dinner afterwards.

I did decently fishing alone. But when Jamie and I floated a river and were able to target hard-to-reach spots with a guide, it was truly amazing. We lucked into a heavy Hendrickson hatch and caught fish while nymphing but on dry flies as well. And we had an amazing guide who was all over the details and knew the river cold.

For me, the highlights were to live the spartan life: fish all day, eat PB&J for lunch, and indulge in one warm meal for dinner. The rest of the day, I spent time just thinking, tying flies, and enjoying some silence. Essentially, it’s a fly-fishing retreat and a great way to get away from the pings, clicks, and posts. I do this type of sleepaway once a year but had to cancel last year due to Covid-19. So, it was nice to get away again. This week has been a bridge between the pre- and post-Covid worlds.

Last, I’ve been preparing to give a “goodbye to b-school, get ready to work” talk at HBS for those students going into venture capital. It’s part of a program called “Bridges,” and it’s something I wish I had when I was in school. It’s a three-day program that lets students say goodbye to each other, reflect on their two  years at HBS, and hear from faculty who have experience in the industries into which they are going. I’m really excited to give that talk and hope I can give a relevant POV.

Here are some pictures (some from Jamie Carr)  and a video from the past few days….


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