It’s ugly, but I think it’s working. I’m writing about our electoral process.

Already, in public and in private, I’m hearing that some people are already fed up with all the social media attention regarding this election cycle. I’m seeing a pretty constant stream of invectives from both sides of the aisle, all designed to elicit an emotional response.

IMO, these are all ads. They’ve been designed and tested to get people riled up, as voter turnout will be key once again.

I’m against Super PAC funding and lobbying by corporate special interests. But, I am for the airing and debate of issues among citizens. It’s what our process is about. People have the right to express and vent. It is a bit of a pressure valve release, I think.

I think if people couldn’t air their views, that’s when even deeper frustrations set in. When people don’t feel they’re being heard, that’s when they’ll start to think about overthrowing the system to bring in a new one that does allow them to be heard.

So, like it or not, this hot debate will only get hotter. Part of it is that the political parties are stroking fears. But, part of it is that those fears are already there.

I’m hoping that all this will be cathartic and stabilize our system in the end.


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