I assiduously follow Amelia and Dave Jensen on social media. They are living a cool life.

In Alberta, Canada, they run a fishing lodge and a guide service. Then, during the N. American winter, they head to New Zealand to camp and fish during that hemisphere’s summer. And, they post some amazing videos, like the one below.

Amelia also paints. She recently put up a new watercolor, called “Char Color” (image here). I decided to buy it and just received it. Opening the multiple layers of boxes, packing tape and bubble wrap took a great deal of time.

But, like a Christmas morning gift, it was all worth it.

I have a recurring daydream. One day, when I am an old man, I will take some time off and travel to fish. It might be my last trip.

I’ll be on the water at dawn and leave at dusk. In the evenings, I will return to a small cabin, tired and fulfilled. I will cook and quietly eat dinner. I will tie flies. Before falling asleep, I will think gratefully about my day and the many blessings I’ve had in my life. I will envision the faces of all of my loved ones and friends.

I had thought all that would happen in Montana. Perhaps, it also will be in Alberta and New Zealand, too.

Thank you, Amelia! I will be hanging up your painting (I still consider it yours) next to my fly tying desk. During those quiet and snowy winter evenings, I will be making flies and wishing you and Dave all the best with your adventures.

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