After a two-hour drive and six hours of hard fishing on Saturday, I had landed only one very small fish. I felt pretty dejected. But, I’ve learned in the past that if I keep going, good things usually happen.

It certainly did again.

At the bottom of this post are pictures of a 22″ brown trout. It is a new personal best for me. It was a very slow day, with only three fish landed. But, what a way to end the day.

Eric and I lately have been speaking often about persistence. We find that trait is important for entrepreneurs. I think it also is important for VCs, for the feedback loop is very, very long.

Persistence is also important in marriages and parenting. And, if you’re trying to create social change, that takes much time, too.

For me, the best way to persist is to be agnostic to outcomes and just try to live in the moment in a fulfilling and virtuous way. And, to think that persisting is actually a luxury: I can choose to persist.

Persistence works for me. And, it made for a very joyful two-hour drive back home.


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