Dan Harris and Jerry Colonna

For a time, I was on a Board with Jerry Colonna. He asked incredible questions to the entrepreneur and encouraged the Board to think in a deeper and more honest way. I just learned that he too grew up in Brooklyn. We’re Townies.

I last year was listening to a riveting interview with Dan Harris, the accomplished journalist. So, when Dan interviewed Jerry, I just had to listen to the podcast.

Here it is. There’s tremendous wisdom here. It’s raw and in-your-face honest. Jerry talks about his mother’s mental illness and his father’s alcoholism.

Also, he touches on Imposter Syndrome and the price of “success.” Jerry argues that, when there’s a difference between your inner self and what you project to others, success will make you feel like a fraud.

Most important, he talks about what he’s done to improve his life. Dan mentions how pain is inevitable, but that suffering is optional. They both talk about the need to be self-aware and realize that each of us, at every moment, has the freedom to choose our responses.

Such a great interview. Thank you Dan and Jerry….

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