Day Dreaming about the Green River

There’s a “break” in the cold weather this weekend, with temps approaching nearly 40 degrees. I had planned to fly fish and enjoy a day off during the Feb. school vacation week. That’s not happening, as Mrs. T. has a cold. So, there’s plenty of shoveling and household chores to do.

But, I can day dream.

I’ve been looking at some fishing videos online and came across one about the Green River in Utah (video above, or click here). I’d love to go one day. There are some amazing streams and rivers in Utah.

The area in and around the Rocky Mountains is amazing. Great skiing, hiking, and fishing. I’ve visited Montana twice, and have gone skiing in parts of Utah and Colorado. I’ve always felt “at home” out there. One of our children this summer will go to Boulder, CO, and I will live vicariously through that.

I think it is great how the Internet can really enable day dreaming.

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