Treat Yourself


While I was driving to work this morning, I could easily typecast two types of drivers.

One type is the person who lets you go first on a road narrowed by enormous snow drifts. They wave, and their attitude is “after you.” They look relaxed.

The other looks pissed off. When they can slow down to yield to you and let you turn into a lane, they instead accelerate. When a pedestrian is at a cross walk, they ignore him/her and just bomb by.

I’m working hard at being more of the first type. It’s very easy to focus on the toll of this winter: the endless shoveling, scraping and de-icing of driveways, sidewalks and cars. The worries about ice dams and the leaks they cause, most of which you don’t see until it’s too late.

Honestly, I’m trying not to let other people’s frustrations drag me down.

I find that small treats/rewards really make a big difference. For me, this morning has been about: a long workout, good music during the drive in, thinking about an April fly-fishing weekend, telling a joke to one of my partners, and writing this blog post. All this as I also answer many emails and plan for our weekly Partners’ meeting.

And, I’ve just decided that lunch will be a steaming hot bowl of Vietnamese Bun Bo Hue. I’ll grab it before a meeting today in Harvard Square.

Try it. Find a small treat/reward today.

One thought on “Treat Yourself

  1. Crikey, that Bun Bo Hue looks good!

    I am enjoying your blog posts. As I am newly receiving them, I hope to slowly (very slowly) read through many of your previous posts, over the coming months.

    So far, I’ve yet to find one, that I haven’t pretty much agreed with!

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