‘December Song’

Two of our children recently retreated to the basement for a few hours. The area down there doubles as an informal recording studio. So, I suspected that we were going to be treated to a music video.

And, we were. It is up top (or, click here). I love all of it, and minute 0:37 is particularly touching, as is the last scene in the yard.

It has been a truly joyful Thanksgiving for our family. We ate well and had some bonding time. We yesterday did some outdoor chores as a family. One of our children has been on a roll with her baking: brownies, apple pie, apple crisp, raspberry tarts, and chocolate cake.

This morning, we drop off our son back at his college. We will slide back on Monday to a normal schedule of work and school.

But, Advent and the holiday season are here. It is a special time of year.

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