Trevor Noah’s ‘Born a Crime’

My best wishes to everyone for a safe and restorative holiday weekend.

At our home, we divided up the cooking responsibilities, and everyone pitched in. I’m grateful that Mrs. T. cooked the turkey, which came out great. Her father and stepmother came over.

It was a relaxing day.

All the downtime gave me time to read Trevor Noah’s book, Born a Crime, his autobiography that was both hilarious and moving. I regularly watch excerpts of him from The Daily Show. He has an incredible gift for imitating people (video up top, or click here).

Noah was born as an illegal child during apartheid in South Africa. His mother is black, and his father is white. His mother was jailed and fined for having him. When they were walking outside, and if they saw a policeman, she would let go of his hand and have to pretend that she didn’t know him.

He writes movingly about living conditions under “apart hate,” as he calls it. I don’t know how he does it, but he weaves in many funny comments, too.

It’s a great book. Both enjoyable and thought-provoking.

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