Drop Off

Another one of our children left for college for the first time this past weekend. You’d think by the third time that college drop-off would get easier. In a way, it does. But, for the most part, it doesn’t.

For a parent, drop off is a mixed bag. You’re happy that your children are happy. But, it is quite an adjustment to see an empty bedroom, to have the house become more quiet and more spacious at same time.

For me, I made time to fish. I go to the river when life is full or when it feels empty. I go when times are bright or when times are onerous. It’s a great touch point to visit moving water. And, it feels different each time, depending on what is going on the world and in my life.

During this time of year, small flies are on the menu. So, you really have to focus on making delicate presentations. Thankfully, you don’t have the mental bandwidth to think about the pandemic, the shootings, and the death count. And, emotionally, physically, and (yes) spiritually, it is incredibly uplifting to wade in cold water and see some beautiful fish. It reboots your mindset.


As I heard somewhere, you’re only as happy as your unhappiest child. So, I am happy for my children when they’re happy. But, selfishly, I already am looking forward to Christmas when everyone will be back together.

A happy Labor Day to all….

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