Our Family Story and ‘Built by Us’

A bit ago, reporter Galen Moore asked if I would share my family’s immigrant story.

Life Stories, Built by Us

I forwarded to him a blog post, and he asked if he could include it in a new initiative he was working on to feature immigrants. Galen is a great guy, and so, I agreed.

I didn’t think more about it until I saw the social media tweets. The project is done and up online at this link.

Galen and the New England Venture Capital Association (NEVCA) did a great job. The life stories are very interesting.

Honestly, my Imposter Syndrome kicked in when I saw my photo and re-read our family’s immigrant story. When I got to the part about my great-great-grandfather, I was surprised to find tears in my eyes.

This is a great nation, always evolving through limitations to build a more perfect Union, which can be painful at times. But, the bottom line is that I am proud to be a citizen. I am grateful that my children can grow up safe and have enough to eat. I’m happy for their future.

Thank you, Galen and NEVCA, for all that you do for the community!

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