The Prettiest Fish

I this morning went out for a few hours. Autumn in New England is a fine time. The mornings are crisp, leaves begin to change colors, and the forests are redolent with the scent of pine.

One of the beauties in the area is the plethora of small streams. It is hard to imagine, but many hold wild fish. They have endured ice ages, droughts, pollution and countless predators. if you are lucky, a nearby stream will hold a native fish: the brook trout. They have grit.

In the fall, they ready to spawn and color up. Most fish are 3” to 8”. But, sometimes, you get lucky and see a bigger brookie. There is no prettier fish.

I thankfully caught many fish this morning. In the video below are the best two. The first one is 12”, a giant for a small stream. The second fish was the most stunning.

God’s little creatures are truly amazing. Have a great Sunday.

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