Sometimes, the news is so shocking, I’m stunned for words. I find it hard to blog. After the mass shooting in Las Vegas, I wasn’t sure what to say. Until now.

I recently listened to a Podcast Save America episode. In the recent episode, one of the hosts asks of politicians, “What is your plan?”

In other words, conveying thoughts and prayers to the victims and their families is good. But, unless there is a policy change on gun control, there will be more mass shootings. In the case of the Vegas shooter, he passed all background checks, but was able to buy an arsenal of weaponry.

I think guns for protection, shooting ranges or hunting are appropriate. But, there have to be greater restrictions on guns designed for battlefields or ones that can be tweaked to achieve the same effect.

Here is the episode:

Here is a link in case your browser cannot work with the podcast player.

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