Father-Daughter Fishing Trip 2018

We have had a great time up in the NH woods near Canada.

While cold and rainy at times, the fish have cooperated, and we landed dozens a day. The scenery has been beautiful, and the river, cold and pure.

I look forward all year to coming up here.

Each day, I arise early and look at the lake. I prep our gear and make a game plan for the day. We eat a heavy breakfast to fuel us.

Wading into the cold river is always bracing, but we forget our chilled legs when fish are on the line. It is a lot of work, as the current is heavy, adding an element of danger. “Good for the abs,” I tell her.

My daughter is a very good angler and can dupe and land some wily and tough fish.

We break for lunch at a local spot, where the owners make homemade desserts. The frozen mud pie is our favorite. We fish more, and it is either hot and humid or cold and rainy.

Sometimes, we mix it up by renting a boat and chasing bass at the lake.

After a long day, it is a respite to have dinner at the lodge restaurant: warm, cozy and friendly. Steaks and smiles all around. Maybe, ice cream.

After coming to the lodge since 2007, we now know the owners and the staff. The world and my life may change, but you can always count on the world’s best salads, mesquite-grilled dishes and friendly smiles at the lodge.

“I think this is my favorite restaurant in the world,” my daughter said, smiling. I agree.

When the food is served, we forget our tired legs and sleepy eyes. The portions are gigantic. Later, bed time comes early, and the sleep is deep.

Another great trip, adding to the mental photo book of father-daughter fly fishing memories.

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