‘Fighting through the Pick’

Mrs. T. and I this weekend went to see “The Daily Show” correspondent Hasan Minhaj perform his comedy/satire set.

It was truly amazing. Rip-roaringly funny at times and very moving at others. He tells his life story: the weird contradictions that happen between his parents’ culture and the U.S., the bullying he encountered in school, his desire to become a comedian, his family’s reaction to his choice for a marriage partner, and his thoughts on the election.

I really like his stuff, and how he encourages people to push ahead. To that end, up top (and, a link here) is a video of the commencement speech he gave at his old high school. It’s called “Fighting through the Pick” and encourages young people never to give up.

As I frequently have blogged before (here, herehere and here), learning to fail sucks. But, it’s necessary. As Hasan says in the video, surviving failure means that you eventually learn what you were meant to do.

He promises: if you trip and fall, you never can fall below the floor. I agree.

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