The Jabberwocks and ‘Run to You’

Our son and his a cappella group just released a video, a cover of Pentatonix’s “Run to You.” It’s up top, or click here.

It’s a very soulful song, particularly at around minute 3:00. It is a song about love. Given that the Pentatonix pray before going on-stage, I wonder if there also is a spiritual element to the song.

Our son said that the video was a bit impromptu. They stumbled upon a space with great acoustics and decided to shoot a video.

I know every parent thinks this, but I too am proud of my children. Our son, for example, is genuine, highly-principled, and kind. He is not concerned about his GPA and instead, in his first semester, decided to take on some very challenging courses. His singing group takes a great deal of time, but, he seems to be managing it all well in spite of not having much down time.

When asked about how college has been for him, he replied: “Dad, it just feels right to be here.” Those words were music to my ears.

I’m looking forward to seeing him in a few days for Thanksgiving. I love him very much. I’ve really missed him.

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