‘First They Killed My Father’

It is both a book and a movie.

My friends, Andy and Lisa, recommended the book. Mrs. T. decided to read it for her trip to Cambodia. So, I read the book and recently watched the movie (trailer below).

In my opinion, they’re well worth it.

Author Loung Ung wrote about her family’s ordeal during the Khmer Rouge takeover, when 25% of Cambodia perished. She eventually emigrated to the U.S., but, not before experiencing unspeakable horrors.

I first heard about the book when it came out many years ago. I didn’t want to read it. My mother and her siblings, as I’ve written before a few times, were war refugees in Indonesia. But, it seemed time.

Loung’s family is both ethnic Chinese and Cambodian. It was very comforting in a way to see how her family culture was very similar to my parents’ when it came to certain traditions.

I congratulate Loung for being brave enough to confront and overcome her past. I eventually read her other two books. They documented her life in the U.S. and the long-term effects of trauma, which she eventually overcame.

So, thank you for your gifts of courage, prose and resilience, Loung!

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