Fly Fishing in the Great North Woods

My gear is nearly packed, and after a board meeting tomorrow, I start a long, meandering drive for my annual fly-fishing trip.

Each summer, I spend a few days up in the Great North Woods of N.H., a stone’s throw away from Canada. There is a series of rivers and streams up there, with trout and landlocked Atlantic salmon. There’s something calming about being in the water up to your waist.

Life slows down up there. There is no cell phone coverage, there aren’t many cars on the roads, and the Wi Fi at the fishing lodge at which I’ll be staying is usually on but is sometimes intermittent. I stay at a place that is economical, family-run, and has a very friendly and campy vibe.

I’ll get up at dawn, pack a lunch with me, and if the fishing is good, will be out on the water for 10+ hours. The dinner menu will include things like steak, venison, and apple pie with ice cream. No vegan options. The bartender usually gives generous pours.

For me, there is nothing like fly fishing (previous blog posts here). The brain is always on, as you wade in the river, stare intently at your line, and try to maintain a perfect drift. You stalk the pools and current seams for likely trout lies. The strikes are at times violent, but are usually pretty soft. So, I have to pay attention at all times.

I love it. Hours feel like minutes. All around me, there will be amazing mountains, forest and wildlife. When a fish is on, the brain goes absolutely ape from all the adrenalin.

For this trip, I’ve crafted some of my own gear and bought a new rod/reel, as I’ll try a new technique called European nymphing. Should be fun. And, challenging.

So, I apologize ahead of time if my email response is slower than usual. I will be checking when I get to Wi Fi at the end of the day, but, again, there’s no cell phone coverage up there.

Thank you for understanding. For a few days, I again will be a 12 year-old boy….

6 thoughts on “Fly Fishing in the Great North Woods

  1. So jealous. The waist-deep water thing got me. Reminds me of summers in Montana (which has excellent fly fishing of course).

    1. Thank you! Arrived in aftn. 9 fish in 2 hrs incl a 15″ landlocked salmon, which is good sized in this area.

    2. tyler, so awesome you spent summers out there. i fished the upper madison last summer and it was incredible.

  2. It sounds like a great time for reflection and planning the rest of the summer – both for home and business. Enjoy!

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