Fly-Fishing Report


Wow. It has been a great long weekend for fly fishing. And, great service, food and scenery as usual at Tall Timber Lodge (see above unfiltered photo).

Over three-and-a-half days, I landed 48 fish, most of which were good-sized and some were enormous for that part of the country. The highlight was catching two large wild landlocked Atlantic salmon, each of which fought for 10 minutes or so. One was 17″ and the second was 18″. They’re pure muscle and shaped for speed and stamina.

My arm is sore. My back hurts. And I’m totally pumped. I every day hit the river at 6 am and finished around 7 pm. Sounds like long days, but they didn’t feel like it. I’ve a long drive back tomorrow. I will probably be smiling most of the day. It has been a very special and memorable weekend. Am grateful.

Many thanks to Tom, Tanya, Amanda, Linda, Corinne, and the rest of the Tall Timber team. Was my eighth stay, and I will be back!

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