‘For Your Mom, Bro’

What a game.

If you’ve ever doubted the power of positive thinking, look at the video up top. No team has ever come back in the Super Bowl from a 10-point deficit, let alone a 25 one. And, when almost 3/4 of the game was over.

It is natural to get tired. It is normal to get down. But, persisting is a choice.

Over time, I have tried to push myself to be positive. Not always, but, on most days, I choose to be positive. Eric, Ed and I often talk about the entrepreneurial path that we have chosen. Some days are great. A few days suck. But, we are glad to be where we are.

We also speak about persistence, and we encourage each other. We believe that persisting lets good things happen. Quitting completely shuts down the opportunity for luck/grace/effort/ability to shine through.

As I said recently to someone: “This past Super Bowl is such a great example to our kids and grandchildren. Persist.”

Always believe. A Happy Friday to all.

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