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Red Sox
2013 Home Opener.

I normally don’t go to Red Sox games during the work week, but I try to make an exception during the Home Opener. It’s a fun time.

This year, I brought with me as a guest a religious brother, who is a life-long Sox fan and normally couldn’t afford to go to the game. It was a fun game, particularly because he enjoyed it so much. It reminded me of how fun it is to give and not just receive.

Coincidentally, I was at a breakfast gathering today, at which a member of the Red Sox front office spoke. He gave me two tickets for the April 22 game vs. the Oakland A’s. The seats are in the Grandstand 19 section, which means they’re behind home plate.

I’d like to give away the tickets and spread some good cheer. Ideally, the recipient would be a veteran or a person who normally would find the game a financial stretch.

So, if you or someone you know would like the tickets, please explain why below in the comments section of this post.  I’ll read the comments and inform the winner on Friday.

Go Sox!

15 thoughts on “Free Red Sox Tickets

  1. Haven’t been to a Red Sox game since I was ten with my dad, but still have the cap I got at that game — I’d love to be able to celebrate moving to Boston on my own two feet, and start being a real Sox fan again!

  2. i would realy love to take my son as we are from Boston area and we move to littleton ma as i received a housing voucher. we have never gone to a game and would love to go see what it like

  3. My family drove by Fenway yesterday and I pointed at Fenway and showed it to my 8 year old son. He was so excited and asked if we could go to the game yesterday, unfortunately we could never afford to go. He asked me if they would let us inside for free, I told him maybe when he is older. Would love to take him just to see the excitement he showed in those few seconds of showing him the park diving by.

  4. In my mis-guided youth I was a Mets fan.(Never the Yankees!) Having been redeemed after moving to Boston in the fall of 1969, now I cheer for for the good guys. I’d love to do it in person!

  5. Its been many years that myself and my mother have been to a game. We both have suffered many hardships healthwise and financially which makes it impossible to ever go to a game. When I saw this post, I could only think how uplifting it would be for the both of us to enjoy just 1 more game together before she passes on.

    Thank you for your consideration.

  6. I’m a single dad! Wife cheated on me 11+ years ago and I pay her child support and support my child as well while he is in my home. Between paying support, bills, etc… i’ve never brought him into a game; now age 12. Financially always a hardship going into a game. He too plays baseball and loves the Sox; my goal this year is going to take him into a game.

    Thank you for the consideration.



  7. I’m a Marine and Army veteran with time served in Iraq. Been a long time since I’ve been to a Redsox game. Got out of the Army in 06 due to a disability and moved back to southeast MA in 2011. Thanks.

  8. I would like to take my girlfriend and I haven’t been to a game in over twenty years in October I had a heart attack and three stents put in and thank you if you pick me

  9. I live in Arlington public housing. My son is a very sports minded boy. He loves all sports and can talk sports to anyone and just about any sport. My husband has had a heart attack and has a difbulater and pacemaker and stent in place. He is unable to work. With all the medications he is on we find it hard to do anything extra with our boys. I do work full time and do my best to keep everyone happy at home. My older son would be so excited to go to a red sox game. Something he has never done. Go Sox! Thanks for your time.

  10. Hi, to say off the bat, I am not in a dire financial hardship, but I do own my own small business and all of my money goes back into it as an investment to grow the business, so I don’t usually spend money on things like sporting events. Born and raised in Boston, I am a US Marine Corps combat Veteran who served in Iraq from 2004 to 2005 and was Honorably discharged as a Sergeant from the Marines after 8 years of service in 2006.

    I would love to go to a Sox game, the last one I went to was with some of my Marine buddies and we got into the park standing room only. If there are two tickets, I would take my mom (who is the one that alerted me to this post) because she has never been to a Sox game – at least that I know of – and I know it would be special for her.

    Pictures of us enjoying the game would follow! It’s a cool thing you are doing with these tickets, so thanks!

  11. I would use the tickets to take my girlfrind to the game. She is a huge Red Sox fan. She used to watch every game with her father out in Illinois. Her father passed away 2 years ago after a long fight with illness. My girlfriend has not been able to go to Fenway yet. She wants to go in a way to say goodbye to her dad. I also plan to ask her to marry me at Fenway. The Red Sox is kind of what brought us together. I just cant afford tickets right now. Please help. Thank you.

  12. Hi Joe,

    This would be a gift for my step father and mother, My mother suffered a stroke and my step father has taken care of her for the last year as she is partially limited due to the stroke.
    He is a big redsox fan and would be deserving of the tickets as they are on a fixed income and could never afford them.
    I hope they will be considered in your decision

    Thanks Randy Randolph

  13. Joe,
    I cant make the 4-22 game since Im in Calif, but if you a feeling charitable down the road with a little advance notice and would love to make a memory of a lifetime for a 10 year old boy I have the kid for you. My son Thomas is 10 and loves baseball with a passion and he is the smartest kid in his class and someday will be in those AP classes at Damien that you dominated when we were there. I always wondered why there were so many guys interested in journalism at Damien and then I realized senior year AP did not mean associated press. I have 4 kids 3 boys and a girl and Thomas is the oldest at 10 and he inspires me everyday and alot of other people that interact with him on a daily basis. He was born into this world with one hand and when he came to me 6 months ago and said I want to play little league this year with my buddies I was hesitant, because I coach Little League and I know how competitive the parents can be. Over the last few years of playing catch with me and his brothers he mastered the throw and tuck of the glove so I signed him up, but as a parent I was literally nauseous as I drove him to that first practice 4 months ago. When I parked my car I got out and he got the usual stares from kids and parents that see a child for the first time with one hand and I asked T if he was ok and he said give me my glove and bat and he walked onto the field with total strangers. In his most recent game he pitched 2 innings and had 2 singles. I have never seen so many mothers cry in one place other than a funeral than when he came to the plate with the bases loaded and hit a line drive to rt center…Riordan

  14. When I was in grade school, my dad took me to the “green monster” to watch the Red Sox play. After high school(1992), I joined the Army & left my home state (MA). I always followed the team till today, remembering the great experiences I had with my dad. In 2007, my unit & I deployed to Afghanistan. I sustained some injuries while in theater. I’m currently in the process of being medically retired from the military. My grand mother’s health has taken a turn for the worse so, I am taking my family back to MA to visit her. Unfortunately, there is only 1 game I can see while I’m there; Sox will be playing the Yankees on 20 July. Unfortunetly, the tickets are too expensive for me. I would like to give my son the opportunity to see a game in the “green monster” with me (His dad) & his grandfather (my dad). All 3 generations would be great time that will be remembered for ever. If anyone could spare 3 tickets to that game, that would be amazing for my dad, son & I. Thank-you.

  15. I have a mentally challenged future brother in law who is a fan of all boston sports teams and I would love to take him thanks for your time

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