Winners of Free Red Sox Tickets

Red Sox winner

I blogged earlier in the week that I was lucky to get two Red Sox tickets, and that I wanted to give them away to a family in financial need or to a veteran.  I also put up a post on Craigslist.

After 1 hour, I deleted the Craigslist post.  I had quickly received over 30 requests, some of which were comments to the original blog post (see here).  Frankly, I was touched by the many stories of hardship, but also, admired their perseverance.  This motivated my wife and me to donate some of our personal tickets, so that we could give away two sets.

We also decided that a lottery would be the best way to assign the tickets.  I’m happy to announce that one winner is a veteran from southeastern Massachusetts (photo above), and here’s what he wrote:

I’m a Marine and Army veteran with time served in Iraq. Been a long time since I’ve been to a Red Sox game. Got out of the Army in 06 due to a disability and moved back to southeast MA in 2011. Thanks.

Red Sox winner

The second winner is a working parent, who wrote this about her son (photo above):

I live in Arlington public housing. My son is a very sports minded boy. He loves all sports and can talk sports to anyone and just about any sport. My husband has had a heart attack and has a defibrillator and pacemaker and stent in place. He is unable to work. With all the medications he is on we find it hard to do anything extra with our boys. I do work full time and do my best to keep everyone happy at home. My older son would be so excited to go to a red sox game. Something he has never done. Go Sox! Thanks for your time.

I’m hopeful that the tickets will spread joy.

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