Friday Inspiration

My gym features a daily quote on a whiteboard. Here is the one from this morning.

In my life, I have been both the runner and the observer. I have seen both the entire course and just the finish line.

I have found that the trick is balance. Running all the time, in the past, made me a workaholic. Just observing leaves me feeling, frankly, bored.

The hard part about life is knowing when to run and when to hang out. There are some principles that can guide you, but, context and situational factors are the tipping points.

Do you offer advice to your teenager, or hang back? Do you correct that CEO, or bite your tongue? Do you disagree with your spouse, or let the moment pass?

Sometimes, to boot, there are no right or wrong answers.

That’s what I am thinking about as I enjoy a mocha.

Have a wonderful Friday everyone….

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