As my children get older, I go from seeing them often to catching just glimpses.

A few days ago, our son came home from college, and, this morning, already left at 5 am for a California tour with his a cappella group.

Fortunately, we hosted all 13 of them for dinner, and they stayed over at our house. It was fun to see them together. Exams done and excited for their trip.

They treated us to a performance, too. They sounded amazing. For three seniors, who just graduated, this is their last tour.

I didn’t sit near our son at dinner, but could see him interact with his friends and chatting and smiling. After last night’s performance, he was busy socializing with some neighbors who had come over to see them.

I didn’t speak with him for very long at our house this morning, for as co-coordinator of their tour, he busily was making sure the Ubers were on time and that his group was packed up and ready to go with the breakfast items Mrs. T. had ready for them.

He also is the new co-Music Director for the group. So, there’s a lot on his mind before, during and after performances.

So, I only caught glimpses.

But, I did have precious five seconds with him before he left. We hugged. “I love you. I’m very proud of you.”

So, just a glimpse. And, that is more than enough for me.

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