‘Grace Isn’t Performance-Based’

I’m writing about something spiritual. If you’re not into that and don’t read this post, I won’t be insulted. It’s cool.

As I wrote previously, I went to see Hillsong United Friday night, and it was so awesome. I’ve been playing some of their videos online and recently came upon an interesting clip. In it, Joel Houston talks about how “God’s grace isn’t performance-based.” I found it very moving.

We live increasingly in a metrics-driven working world. How many lines of code did you generate? How many Twitter followers do you have? What are your grades? How much money do you make?

In our non-work lives, there are also metrics. How much do you weigh? To where did you go for vacation? Who is the designer behind that dress?

Now, I think metrics overall are good. I’m an ENTJ, and so, am really into efficiency and impact. But, it’s nice to go to a mental place where “we’re already good” and accepted just as we are.

So, Joel’s talk is in the first three minutes of this video. The song after that, called “Oceans,” is also awesome. The video is below or click here.

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