Hillsong United and Mercy

Last night, I went to see Hillsong United, who were in town on their U.S. tour. It was so awesome to be up front, right near the stage, jumping, singing and dancing (for only $40, I might add).

A key part of the evening happened actually before they started the music. A few of the singers talked about a charity group called “Compassion”. It’s a spiritual group focused on raising money for children in poverty. Charity Navigator gives them a four-star rating. There was a very moving video that they showed, highlighting how many poor children are abused, either through forced work or sex trafficking.

No, it’s not fun to think about children sold into prostitution. But, remember, that we in the U.S. are all descendants of dire situations. Someone in our family decided to leave for a foreign land in order to escape poverty and to pursue opportunity.

Unfortunately, others cannot say the same thing. Do me a favor. Click here and see the profiles of some children who need sponsorship.

Also, here’s a video below of Hillsong United singing “Mercy, Mercy,” one of my new favorite songs (or, click here).

We’re all getting ready for the holiday season. For me, I feel called to show mercy to others.

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