Hacking Your Brain

You can teach old dogs new tricks. You can “train your brain” to change your behaviors and re-shape your mind.

As I’ve blogged before, IMO, an entrepreneur’s biggest challenge is mental. Often, your biggest obstacle is yourself. The good news is that neuroscience is now showing that the brain is quite plastic, that no matter how old or young you are, you can change.

In fact, positive psychology (or what I call brain hacking) has gone from a fringe field to a booming one, as cheaper technology allows for more detailed brain scans.

I’m writing about this because Elizabeth Ducoff this morning Tweeted a link to a really cool article from First Round. It’s essentially about what founders can do to be happier and more productive. It’s a great article (click here), and I just sent it to all founders in the Kepha portfolio.

A paragraph that really captured my attention is this one:

True clarity comes with mental energy. And while it’s not possible unless your physical and emotional buckets are already full, it can make the difference between being a good leader and an iconic leader.

I think having “clarity” is key. Companies write Mission statements, but individuals rarely do. I think that makes little sense. If we don’t have purpose, then we’re just busy without an objective.

So, take some time today and think about this: why were you born and what is your Mission?

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