The ‘Hammond’ Song

My dear friend Stacy Donohue was in a singing group her senior year of college. It’s a special group, called Whim ‘n Rhythm, for which a select group of senior women are chosen each year. They sing a great deal and tour around the world. For me, I find a cappella music very moving.

At our recent college reunion, Stacy’s singing group reassembled and gave a concert. Truly touching. Among other pieces, they sang the group’s signature song, called “Hammond.” It’s really cool.

If you like music, below (or, click here) is a video of Whim ‘n Rhythm 2014 singing the song. Impressive!

Great to see you, Stacy! Keep changing the world with all you are doing in your job.


2 thoughts on “The ‘Hammond’ Song

  1. Thank you, Jo! That is so sweet. Singing with Whim is one of my best memories from college (along with hanging out with you guys!).

    1. Music is timeless and such an incredible gift. Your circle of friends were beneficiaries of your voice for four years. So, it was awesome when you sang that solo in Woolsey Hall. A truly special moment for you, Whim, but also, all of your friends!

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