‘Reunion Withdrawal’

I am transitioning back to Real Life after a college reunion. And, I’m fighting a case of The Blues. Let me explain.

The reunion was awesome. The pics and comments posted on our class’s private Facebook page really captured the vibe of the event. As an aside, my nametag got a lot of laughs (see below).


Now, it’s about “reunion withdrawal.” A classmate posted about it, and others also are talking about feeling teary and already missing their friends.

Honestly, I feel a bit low today.

It was a very fun 25th reunion for me. It was filled with amped-up joy. When you walked down the street, turned a corner, or attended a reunion event, you’d run into someone whom you were so glad to see. Whether the conversations lasted 5 minutes or 50, you just felt great to see them, hear about their lives, and conjure up so many happy memories.

Over and over, your brain just fired up with huge boosts of feel-good neurotransmitters. You were smiling, joking, and were constantly feeling amazing. Everything seemed familiar-yet-new, fun, and pleasurable. No work, no classes, no term papers, no meals to cook, no dishes to do. You were in play mode.

You decided to have only one drink each night, so that you can absorb each detail with clarity and not accelerate time through alcohol. You realized that you are deeply, deeply blessed.

You danced until the D.J. shut it down late. You boogied to “Love Shack” (below, or click here), enjoying again being 18 years-old but without the insecurities of that age.

And, then, the event ended. IMO, your brain really does go through “withdrawal.”

For me, this morning, I feel some powerful emotions: gratitude, joy, and longing. I’m so grateful for my college experience, I’m joyful for having friends who are like family to me, and I long to see them again.

It’s hard to explain, but the reunion was a huge dose of feeling “known and loved.” Honestly, the longing part sucks a bit.

It’s why I’m writing this blog post. And, why I will cook a nice dinner for the family and make some fly fishing flies after a very long workout at the gym.

But, I don’t think I’d have it any other way. It has been worth it. And, isn’t that the double-edged sword of love?

Love and longing go hand-in-hand.

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