My 25th Reunion

When you strive to live a full life and go all-out, this happens: the days feel long, but the years feel short. And, that’s what’s happened to me. Hard to believe that so much time has transpired so quickly.

I’m at a life milestone: the 25th college reunion. So many people have traveled back to reconnect. It is an indescribable feeling to see so many friends: wonder, admiration, gratitude.

And, this: love.

Last night, about 15 or so of us crammed around a table and just shot the breeze. Jokes, banter, catch-up talk. Feels like not much time has gone by.

I was very lucky in that I had the same roommates all four years. Great guys. And, we were very friendly with two other quads of women. And, with many others in our “residential college” called Saybrook. Over the years, and, even now, those ladies are like sisters to me. None of us ever dated, but, I suspect, it easily could have happened. But, honestly, that may have ruined some friendships, and, we probably all sensed that and just wanted to keep the friendships in a safe place.

So, for me, the best part of reunion thus far has been this: meeting old friends and realizing that they’re really more like family. These friends who are like brothers and sisters to me.

And, that I really do love them.

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