Hasan Minhaj’s ‘First World Problems’

As an immigrant, I straddle two worlds. So does Hasan Minhaj, a comedian on The Daily Show. His funny take on that reality is particularly meaningful.

I heard about him in the Invisibilia’s podcast, “Frame of Reference.” He and the podcast’s co-host, whose parents survived the Holocaust, talk about the disconnect that can happen between parent and child when the former has seen great suffering.

For example, Hasan’s father experienced the Partition of India, during which one million people died and 14 million were displaced. Hasan also mentioned that his problems growing up, which involved bullying and racism, didn’t elicit empathy from his Dad, who felt that Hasan was fortunate to be in America.

And, as a comic, he delivered the stories with a great deal of humor. It’s a great podcast.

The news these days can be very dark. If you want a laugh, check out Hasan’s videos. Here is one.

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