My Doctor

I am very glad that I have a very kind and insightful primary care physician. I today went in for my annual physical. I don’t enjoy going in for it, but my doctor is very engaging and clearly likes her work, and so, we always have very interesting conversations.

Her family is from Iran. I asked her about Ramadan, and we discussed ISIS’s recruitment strategies and the Cold War between Saudi Arabia and Iran. We also talked about two books I recently read about medicine: Complications and Emperor of Maladies, both of which my friend Richard Dale had recommended to me.

We also talked about pain medication. She recounted how some patients fake pain to get opiates. She mentioned how doctors don’t tend to prescribe pain medicines in Japan, for the philosophy there is that pain is a part of life and should be accepted.

She thinks I’m in great health. My resting heart rate is 59, which is low, and she thinks it is the result of our recent and strenuous biking trip in the Spanish Pyrenees. I’ve gained a few pounds but she thinks it is nothing to worry about.

My mother spent a great deal of time with doctors, due to many decades of ill health. So, I don’t enjoy visits to the hospital. Too many bad memories. It is the major reason I didn’t want to be a doctor.

But, I go in for my annual physical, for I know it is good for me. So, I shopped around until I found a doctor with whom I clicked. I know one day the news won’t be good, and so, I want to work with a doctor whom I like and trust.

I’m very grateful.

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