Help Peter Tryba with His Kidney Transplant


“What are you up to this summer?” I asked.

“Taking off for two months,” he said.


“I’m getting a kidney transplant.”

I recently visited my favorite wine shop, Marty’s, and reconnected there with Peter Tryba (up top, with his daughter). He is the head of the wine department and has picked out for me some incredible and extremely cost-effective wines from around the world.

Peter’s kidneys have failed, and he needs an organ transplant. He is hoping it will happen in August. Unfortunately, a kidney transplant isn’t easy to do. There’s a lot of lost time at a job. So, I was hoping you’d join me and support Peter (click here to donate). He doesn’t know that I blog for fun and that I’m writing about him, and so, let’s make his day?

What’s amazing about Peter’s situation is that a social media campaign helped surface a potential kidney donor (it’s much better if your new kidney is sourced from someone still alive). Isn’t that insanely altruistic, that someone will donate one of his/her two kidneys and go through a very challenging surgical procedure?

I can promise you that kidney transplants can change a person’s life. My mother had one. I won’t bore you with the dangers and debilitating effects of dialysis, which you need if your kidneys fail. It really and truly sucks.  A kidney transplant is completely transformative, a new lease on life.

I can truly say that Peter is an incredibly thoughtful, humble and awesome person. Please give.

Best of luck, Peter. We all are rooting for you! My thoughts and prayers for you and your family.

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  1. Thank you, Jo! I truly appreciate this effort in spreading the word. The main focus of the fundraiser is to offset the costs to my potential donor since they will need to miss work for at least a few weeks. I truly hope the “cost” to the donor is zero and will do whatever it takes to accomplish this goal.

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