Help 7 yr.-old Zane Get Healthy


A 7 yr.-old shouldn’t have to wonder if he will die.

A friend told me about Zane (see left), a little boy in Missoula, MT, who is suffering from brain seizures.  She knows folks who know the family. A tough situation: a very sick child, limited health insurance, and little income.

Here is a note from his parents:

Five years ago our son, Zane, nearly died. He had a four-hour seizure that left him forever changed. Zane has a type of epilepsy that is resistant to medication called drug-resistant temporal lobe epilepsy….

Unfortunately, two months after the surgery, Zane had another massive seizure. Tests showed that the seizure activity had moved to the other side of his brain. This is rare. We were devastated. That initial seizure left Zane with brain damage at the tender age of two- years old….

This past spring, Zane started having headaches – cluster headaches that would go on for days and migraines that were incapacitating. This fall, things got much worse with him having more seizure activity and more autistic-like symptoms.

He often asks, “Am I going to die?”

The family’s insurance program limits the treatment Zane can get. I’ve contributed to a campaign to raise money for him.

If you’d like to learn more about Zane, or want to give, there’s more information here.

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