Improv Cooking in Paris


I am getting a crash course in food shopping in French (see results up top).

I don’t speak any French and have been making do with a few phrases while we are here in Paris for our vacation.

After a long and hot sightseeing excursion this morning, one of our children this afternoon isn’t feeling well. To avoid a three hour-long French restaurant dinner, my wife asked me to cook at our Airbnb flat. So, we went to a grocery store and then sauntered to a butcher shop.

I asked for an entrecôte cut of beef. I saw it on the menu at a bistro and the plates that came out seemed to have ribeye steaks on them.

I think that’s what we are eating for dinner, along with some roasted potatoes and vegetables. But, I am not really sure. So, it is improv cooking.

But, the whole family seems very happy here in Paris. I’ve heard that some Parisians may be rude to Americans, but we thus far have found only incredibly polite and warm-hearted interactions.

And, with dinner, we have some good and affordable wine. Hemingway, who was part of an American expat community in 1920s Paris, would like that. His memoir on his experience is here, and it is one of my favorite books.

Wish me luck with dinner.

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