Adventures with Chèvre and Airbnb


Well, we made it to Paris.

Whilst our children didn’t get much sleep on the flight in spite of the eyeshades, neck pillows and ear plugs, and although we landed at 3 am ET / 9 am Paris time, they were ready to go.

The children and I are feverishly trying to learn French phrases and absorb French culture. “No one wears baseball hats,” one said. “I haven’t seen anyone wearing shorts, even though it is summer,” I said. “Wow,” another said, “this Chèvre is different–it is really bitter.”

We spent most of the day outside, in order to reset our body clocks, which included a visit to a vast park that reminded us of the Boston Public Garden. We also had a leisurely lunch at a bistro, thanks to my wife’s French-speaking abilities.

With our energy flagging, we decided to eat at home and bought provisions at a grocery store. And, on our first night, we had dinner at our Airbnb flat (see photo above).

It is an airy apartment with a lot of natural light and conveniently located in the center of the city. I really like how it has forced us to interact with local merchants rather than relying on a hotel’s staff. And, it is much cheaper than a hotel.

An opportunity to grow and speak French. Different, uncomfortable and entirely fun.

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