Paris and a Bike Trip

Our family is about to take a trip. It’s a vacation, but also, a mental breakthrough for me (more on that below).

We’ll be going to France. We start in Paris to meet up with our oldest child, who has been there on a school-sponsored immersion trip. Then, we go on a bike trip in one of the wine regions. A short trip, but we will pack in a great deal.

I don’t speak any French and am rapidly trying to pick up some phrases via Google Translate.  This will be our first trip out of the U.S. as a family, as some of our children have severe food allergies.

But, we’ve decided to go for it. My friend Jon Auerbach recommended Backroads, and we like that our trip guides can help navigate the food allergies. Plus, my favorite holiday ever was a bike trip across Italy, and I really like active vacations.

I’m looking forward to being in a new country and learning a new culture. And, for me, Europe is a region to which I couldn’t afford to travel during much of life, and about which I’ve long dismissed, as I have a problem with spending money (more here). In my mind, a family trip to France was something that “other” people did. So, this is a trip with some symbolism.

I also really like French food and wines. I’m eager to find some local Muscadet and Sancerre. A friend recommended Café Constant. On the menu they list this: tête de veau, langue et cervelle croustillantes (or, crispy head, tongue and brain of veal).  Yup, I will order that.

If you have any suggestions for our trip, LMK. I welcome your ideas and thank you in advance.

Many thanks to Russ Wilcox and Alison Brody for already giving me incredible advice!

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