Interview with Curt Nickish and the Harvard Business Review

I was interviewed today for a Facebook Live session at the Harvard Business Review. The simplicity of the technology involved floored me.

HBR used a camera and a laptop to stream live the interview. They also had two people moderate the comments and tee them up near real-time. It was fascinating to engage with a virtual audience from around the globe.

When we had wrapped, they told me that page views already numbered 13,000, and that, in the end, the number could hit 40,000 or so, as people look at the stored video.

Up top (or, here) is a link to the video. We covered quite a few topics, including:

  • What does a VC do all day?
  • What obligations to society should a VC have?
  • When is an idea a “good idea”?

I’m very grateful to Curt Nickish, Senior Editor at HBR, for inviting me and interviewing me. It was a lot of fun.

6 thoughts on “Interview with Curt Nickish and the Harvard Business Review

  1. Hi Jo,

    Great hearing your views on how to raise funds and what does it takes to be an entrepreneur .I am an entrepreneur myself trying to solve a real pain of customers while building a global biz model. Was able to relate on the kind of persistence it requires to stick on your plan and being lonely as well :).

    Your insights meant a lot for me and fellow entrepreneurs.

    Thanks and Regards,

  2. Hi Jo – This was actually the first time I watched a Facebook Live video – I usually don’t have time to watch video content but was very intrigued and actually watched it from beginning to end! I think for certain types of audiences it’s a great way to reach and interact with a large world-wide audience. I watched/listened to a live stream hosted by General Assembly today and found the best part to be the live chat amongst audience members – it was about search marketing and social media. The panelists could obviously only answer a few questions within the hour time slot but audience members were able to help answer some things within the chat to each other. I used the opportunity to ask a question to audience members to validate the need/value for a type of B2B software that is missing out on the market. I think it’s time I just go ahead and create it… and on that note, having listened to your interview with HBR and your focus on B2B software seed stage startups in the Boston-NYC corridor, you may be an ideal person to chat with about the idea. I’m located in NYC – if you’re down this way or have a few minutes to hop on a call, would be great! To not waste your time, I’d be happy to send you some info first via email. at and on Twitter at sarahcundiff

  3. This was great – thanks for sharing some insights into your world and the clarity of your strategy. I’m a fan of the ‘all business development is personal development’ view. So very true! I guess it’s why being an entrepreneur (and VC) is so demanding and engaging at the same time.

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