The Family Meeting

I emailed the family and suggested a Family Meeting during Saturday Dinner. I wanted to talk about our family’s energy level.

We encourage each member of our family to call a meeting when he/she feels there’s an issue that the whole family should discuss. We haven’t called one in a while.

But, after our very fun and intense biking trip in Spain, I thought I sensed a dip in our family’s energy level. Were people sad? Tired? A case of summer ennui? I also noticed that many of our kids were on their laptops or phones for a great deal of time.

As it turned out, people weren’t sad. They felt bored and unmotivated. I also mentioned what studies show: that streaming movies is entertainment but feels unfulfilling. Happiness is about interacting with people, doing activities together, and finding events that feel fulfilling.

So, we talked about what each person should do about it and what we can do as a family. I asked: “How can I help you manage through this?”

One suggestion was that we spend more time outside as a family. We came up with a potential list, and today, on Sunday, we decided to go kayaking. Some of the children are out biking now, too.

So, I will serve Sunday Dinner late tonight. We are now past the Summer Solstice. The daylight periods are getting shorter!

So, I am hoping we spend more time outside, both as individuals and as a family. Enjoy this beautiful New England summer while we can.

A Happy Sunday to all.

2 thoughts on “The Family Meeting

  1. I really like how you manage your family. Although soliciting honest opinions is the most important thing, we seldom do that because of whatever reasons… My family should do this too. You seem like the fatherly figure I want to be in the future!

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